Music Lessons from ‘Las Alpujarras’: Diary Entry 1

Today I was teaching something related to music, more exactly about Mozart. Certainly it is very complex to explain something about Mozart to the young people if not anything. One may say….he was a genius, he was an extra-intelligent boy, he was the first musical professional, and things like these. The question here is that these affirmations are totally inappropriate to the young minds. I really think that young people are not a kind of naive people that believe incredible affirmations which are too far from their realities. What happen with their realities? or Why does exist affirmations in a slogan way which have no any relationship with the actual life of people? If one assumes as certain such an affirmation you have decided to avoid the act of connecting that that you read with your actual and personal environment.  That that one can perceive as true through her senses shall be connected with true affirmations. Such affirmations are true insofar one perceives them. However It is impossible to perceive in your actual life historical affirmations, but it is no matter because your cognitive system has the capacity of creating automatic metaphors. Through this mechanism one can get a true orientation according to her personality in the actual world, and moreover to achieve certain sense of truth. Nobody could believe facts from the past if you don’t participate of such facts. Facts are not singular point in an axis but progressive points similar to analog signals.

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